There are many factors that go into making up the overall cost of a holiday, with local prices and exchange rates being one them. And if you’re looking to jet off somewhere for as low a cost as possible, choosing a destination where you’ll get as much local currency for your pound as possible is a great budgeting strategy.

At Barrhead Travel, our dedicated Foreign Exchange team keep a close eye on fluctuating exchange rates and the Bureaus found in our branches have a range of currencies available to exchange straight away, with even more available to order in. The team have kindly put together this list of destinations that have super cheap local activities and a great exchange rate.


argentinai iguaza falls

The Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires is a lively city with ongoing parties every night, and you won’t need to break your purse-strings in order to keep up. The pounds goes 50% further in Argentina than it did two years ago, meaning you can sip many glasses of that famed wine.


rio de janeiro

South America clearly knows how to treat its budget travellers. While you still need to be careful with hiked up prices on typical tourist activities, you’ll receive roughly three Brazilian Real for one British Pound and there’s a world of inexpensive wonders to be found if you detour away from the main streets of Rio.


varna bulgaria

Bulgaria has risen to be the go-to budget beach escape of Europe in recent years. Hotels, food and drink are all cheap anyway, but the favourable exchange rate doesn’t hurt either.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Moving into the warm waters of the Caribbean islands now. If you’re looking to visit this paradise-esque part of the world without breaking the bank, we recommend the Dominican Republic. This resort and tourist friendly island is home to several mid-range hotels and a fantastic exchange rate – roughly 58 Dominican Peso for one British Pound.


Mayan ruins in Palenque Chiapas Mexico

Mexico is an all-round holiday destination with great sunshine, sparkling beaches, fascinating ruins and a great exchange rate. Currently you’ll get about 23 Mexican Peso for your pound and it is home to one of the world’s cheapest subway systems.



While most of South East Asia has extremely favourable exchange rates for British travellers, Vietnam still comes out on top. The cost of hotels and flights aren’t as high as its popular neighbour Thailand, plus you can get roughly at whopping 28,319 Vietnamese Dong for one British Pound.   



While Norway – like its Scandinavian neighbours – is known for its high cost of living, the exchange rate helps make it easier on the purse strings. Currently you’ll get roughly 10 Norwegian Krone for your pound – which is the best in Northern Europe.



Krakow has become a popular European holiday destination in recent years with travellers looking for a budget city break. Home to unique architecture, castles, churches and market squares, you’ll have roughly 5 Polish Zloty to your pound to spend.

South Africa

Wildernis in Africaans

South Africa is one of the best-value destinations in the world thanks to its low cost of living and a great exchange rate. You’ll receive roughly 17 South African Rand for your Pound right now, so you won’t need to miss out on discovering everything this gem of a country has to offer – from Game Reserves to wine tours.


Masai Mara Kenya

While the word safari doesn’t automatically appear to be symonous with budget holiday, Kenya is another African nation with a great exchange rate and low cost of living. Just like South Africa, you’ll need expert advice on getting a cheap flight but once you’re there you’ll have plenty of money to spend on holiday activities as well as a nice hotel.