Village of Saint Aubin, Jersey, Channel Islands

10 things to see and do in Jersey

Jersey’s size is only nine by five miles, making it an easy place to explore on a weekend break. Its beautiful coastline and direct access to the Atlantic Ocean creates a playful mix of water sports, fresh seafood, and incredible scenery. Then in-land you’ll find fascinating historic sites, delicious restaurants, and wellbeing retreats. Here are […]

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A male and female couple overlooking the Roman Forum in Rome

How to spend 48 hours in Rome

Rome is a busy place. Dating back 3,000 years, Italy’s capital city has accumulated an abundance of art, ancient ruins, architecture and culture. It was also, at one point, the centre of the Roman Empire. And these days it is home to Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. And who can forget the […]

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Fireworks at night above the city of Valletta in Malta

10 must-visit events and festivals in Malta

With its beautiful landscape, fascinating history, charming culture and sun-drenched weather – Malta is one of the best places in Europe to host an event. Whether it is a cultural festival that explores the Maltese way of life or a music concert that attracts some of the biggest international names in the business. Malta’s events […]

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Vatican City during the sunset

6 ways to experience Classic Italy

Italy is synonymous with sophistication, luxury, and taste. Whether that is in the world of fashion, cars, food, music, or art – there’s no denying that the Italians have a talent for creating some of the world’s most admired belongings.  When you visit Italy, it is the perfect opportunity to admire some of its beautiful […]

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A foodie’s guide to Barcelona

The Catalonian capital boasts a long history of serving up delicious food. Whether that be the world-famous tapas-style small plates or the tasty paella, or the local Catalonian delicacies that are rarely sighted outside of Spain. Barcelona’s rich food diversity is partially attributed to the incredible raw ingredients that its location provides. With dazzling sunshine […]

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6 reasons to visit the island of La Palma

The Canary Islands are well known for their beautiful balance of volcanic landscapes, natural seawater swimming-pools, black sand beaches, and year-round sunshine. La Palma, one of the smallest of the islands, gets this combination spot on.La Palma is known as both the greenest of the Canary Islands and the steepest. It’s more relaxed than the other islands, making it the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts looking for incredible landscapes and a slower pace of life. Here are six reasons why everyone should visit La Palma as part of a Canary Island adventure.

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Which Italian city break should you try next?

Italy is one of Europe’s most diverse destinations. Fancy a quick city break? Check. Want to devour delicious food? Yes. Sip incredible wines? Of course. See world-famous buildings? There’s plenty of that. Or soak up some sun? There’s no shortage of sunny days in Italy.Saying that though, Italy offers a diverse holiday experience because it boasts a number of beautiful holiday spots. There’s the capital Rome, home to the Vatican and the Colosseum. Then you have Venice in the northeast with its iconic gondolas and in the south you’ll find Naples and the beautiful Sorrento. It’s not always an easy choice deciding which one to visit (though we recommend visiting them all at some point). To make your choice a little simpler we’ve compiled this quick guide to help you decide which Italian city is right for your next trip.

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