#NewToCruise: on board the MSC Sinfonia

#NewToCruise: on board the MSC Sinfonia Arriving in Venice I was simmering with excitement about my maiden voyage, although as a newbie to cruise, unsure of what to expect. My first impression of the MSC Sinfonia was how big she is – and she’s considered a “mid” sized ship. I overwhelmed by the scale of her and couldn’t wait to get on-board to explore. There she was, […]

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Chicago: The Windy City - Barrhead Travel Blog

The Windy City

A city steeped in culture and modern architectural elegance, a trip to Chicago will offer everything you desire from a city break in the one trip – shopping, an amazing music and theatre scene, over 5500 restaurants, professional sports and unique attractions. You’ll leave with unforgettable memories and anticipation to plan your next trip. Combining […]

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Impressive Places to Snap the Perfect Selfie - Barrhead Travel

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to our new travel blog! Welcome to Barrhead Travel’s brand new blog! We’ll aim to deliver compelling, entertaining and informative content that you’ll enjoy reading, rather than run-of-the-mill holiday deals and generic photos and quotes from brochures, which is yesterday’s news! Yes, we’ll have the odd deal here and there, but it’ll just be […]

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