Two women being served drinks by a woman inm a whirlpool onboard a Seabourn ship. It is sunset.

Things to do onboard a Seabourn ship

Seabourn specialise in luxury cruises and their onboard activities are relaxing, invigorating, and fascinating. If you’re looking for a cruise where you can unwind your body but exercise your mind, then Seabourn should be your cruise line of choice. Here is just an example of the activities available on-board a Seabourn ship. Enjoy a game […]

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Village of Saint Aubin, Jersey, Channel Islands

10 things to see and do in Jersey

Jersey’s size is only nine by five miles, making it an easy place to explore on a weekend break. Its beautiful coastline and direct access to the Atlantic Ocean creates a playful mix of water sports, fresh seafood, and incredible scenery. Then in-land you’ll find fascinating historic sites, delicious restaurants, and wellbeing retreats. Here are […]

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A male and female couple overlooking the Roman Forum in Rome

How to spend 48 hours in Rome

Rome is a busy place. Dating back 3,000 years, Italy’s capital city has accumulated an abundance of art, ancient ruins, architecture and culture. It was also, at one point, the centre of the Roman Empire. And these days it is home to Vatican City, headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. And who can forget the […]

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A newly married couple dressed in wedding attire skisisng on the rugged coastline of Cyprus

Getting married in…Cyprus

Cyprus is one of Europe’s most sought-after wedding destinations – and it’s not hard to understand why. With sun-drenched weather, beautiful backdrops, mouth-watering cuisine, and a generous selection of wedding venues it has everything you need to make your special day one you will never forget. It was even once the home of the goddess […]

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