A beginner’s guide to Tanzania

When it comes to quintessential African experiences, it’s hard to beat Tanzania.  Home to some of Africa’s best safari parks, 1400 kilometres of Indian Ocean coastline, and one of the world’s most famous mountains – Tanzania packs a punch for adventurous travellers looking for bucket-list experiences. Here’s our beginner’s guide to visiting Tanzania for the […]

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A girl on a hill in Africa wearing a shirt shirt and khaki shorts

Staff Travel Diaries: Kenyan Safari

To say Kenya is a once-in-a-lifetime trip is an understatement. Located along Africa’s eastern coast, it is home to three of the continent’s most notable national safari parks, plus has a beautiful shoreline overlooking the Indian Ocean. Even though Kenya was not my first trip to Africa (having previously been to Cape Town, Zambia and […]

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A beginner’s guide to The Gambia

If you’re looking for an affordable luxury escape, then look no further than The Gambia. Located on the Atlantic coast of Africa, one of its biggest pulls is its sunset-perfect 80km coastline; and while that number might not be impressive in terms of numerical value, the picturesque butterscotch sands make it a peaceful alternative to […]

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