A bride running into the sea with the sun setting behind her

Getting married in….Jamaica

With its sapphire waters and white-sand beaches, Jamaica is one of the most romantic locations on earth. So it’s not hard to understand why so many couples choose the island as the backdrop to their special day. Not only that, but it is incredibly easy to get married in Jamaica. Only 24 hours need to […]

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A photo on a beach in Jamaica with a sailing boat off in the distance.

A beginner’s guide to Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. Not only does it boast pristine beaches and crystal waters, but it also comes with a side serving of laid-back reggae beats. Even more, away from the beaches, visitors will find a sublime mix of hidden waterfalls, banana plantations and soaring mountains. It’s the […]

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Spicey Grilled Jerk Chicken which is popular in Jamaica

A foodie’s guide to Jamaica

When you conjure up an image in your head of Jamaica food probably plays a part. Delicious rums, jerk chicken and reggae flavours are all a central part of Jamaica’s culture – and a large part of its appeal to visitors. Jamaica is definitely more than a just a beach destination and we recommend that […]

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