Celebrity Flora in the Galapagos Islands

There’s a noticeable trend in cruising towards experiential travel and nowhere is this more apparent that the boom in sailings around the amazing natural laboratory of biodiversity that is the Galápagos Islands. Cruise lines are building new ships especially for the unique requirements of this eclectic destination. Earlier this year I visited Celebrity Cruises’ remarkable […]

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Our Cruise Development Director, Cat, on-board the Celebrity EDGE!

Staff Travel: Celebrity EDGE Naming Ceremony

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It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but the Celebrity EDGE is finally here. Our Cruise Business Development Director, Catriona, was lucky enough to be invited along to her recent Naming Ceremony. Here are her thoughts on the futuristic new ship.

Did you know that the 5 points of distinction of Celebrity Cruises are:

  • Destination
  • Culinary
  • Accommodation
  • Design
  • Service

On Celebrity Edge all 5 are not only met but exceeded.

The rooftop garden, Eden, on-board the Celebrity EDGE

The design of the ship is unlike anything I have ever seen in that the attention to detail in everything they do is exceptional. The ship feels like a Luxury Hotel at Sea. Their position of Modern Luxury is unique and ‘on point’.

The ship feels like a hotel. The ceilings are higher and the flow of the ship is easy and everything is accessible. The soft furnishings are exquisite and – if you were inclined – you could spend your entire holiday just looking at the artwork, the sculptures and the chairs.

A room on-board the Celebrity EDGE with an Infinity Garden.

The accommodation and ‘Edge balconies’ are not the traditional builds and that is what makes them so special. The staterooms look longer and more spacious. At first, I have to say I wasn’t sure but you know what? I love this design.

The food is exceptional and the venues are entirely different and special from each other.

The Celebrity EDGE coming into shore.

This ship is so different: it pushes the boundaries of cruising. So who is it for? Luxury land lovers looking for a new experience or experienced cruisers looking for a blow-your-mind experience.

You need to see this ship, once the secret is out I’m sure it will be inundated with guests trying to secure their ‘Edge experience.


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Celebrity Cruises ‘wine show’

This summer there’s the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of wine from the world’s best vineyards aboard Celebrity Cruises. Always the innovator, this company is a perennially popular choice for passengers who appreciate the company’s take on ‘Modern Luxury’. The cruise line has now developed a limited edition, interactive wine tasting […]

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The new Celebrity Edge ship

Few industry observers who watched spellbound as Celebrity Cruises revealed their transformational new ship concept Celebrity Edge on 13 March were left in any doubt that the design of this ship was ground-breaking. A new ship needs to have a ‘wow-factor’ and nobody watching the reveal in Miami or live on the internet were disappointed. […]

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Celebrity Cruises - Persian Gardens

What is Jet Set Sail?

If you’re a passionate traveller who has embraced the world of cruising, chances are you’ll have heard the phrase Jet Set Sail. If not, it’s the newest offering from Celebrity Cruises, providing passengers the option to arrive in style on a private jet at their first port of call. The private jet What makes Jet […]

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