What essentials you REALLY need to take on holiday

What you REALLY need to take on holiday

How many times have you found yourself, the night before you go on holiday, hopelessly sitting on your suitcase, trying to squeeze in the essentials? We’ve been there!

There seems to be a need to take everything you own on holiday ‘just in case’, (or ‘just shove it in the case’), but do you really, really, really need it?

This handy little blog tells you the holiday essentials you need to pack, so you’ll have lots of space in your case left for souvenirs!

The Essentials List

1. Flat Shoes

Unless you’re devoid of any feeling in your feet, or love to be uncomfortable, flat shoes or sandals are a holiday must (especially where there’s lots of walking – think theme parks in Florida or museum crawling in Rome). There’s loads of fab flats in the shops this summer, and according to our fashion sources, flat shoes are all the rage. So now you can be comfortable AND fashionable. Win win, right?

2. Moisturiser

No need to take this with you, simply buy it when you get to your destination. A moisturiser is really important on holiday. Spending hours in the heat can be really drying, as can chlorine in the pool, so try and moisturise daily. As well as keeping your skin soft and supple, it‘ll also help you keep your gorgeous tan for longer. Moisturisers cost just a couple of pounds, so no excuses!

3. Capsule Chic

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You’ll need clothes on your holiday, unless it’s one of those holidays. The less hassle with getting ready, the better. A few capsule items will see you right. Think clothes you can wear to look chic on the beach and keep on into the evening :

  • Tops – 4 or 5 are enough
  • Skirts – a couple of different lengths
  • Dresses – 2 day dresses and one for evening
  • A kaftan – will keep you looking and feeling cool, plus they‘re really flattering for every body shape

Keep it simple, – there’s no need to pack everything you own. You WON’T wear it.

4. Money

Those of you waiting until you get to the airport to change your travel money are unneccesarily giving away vital shopping and cocktail funds!

Shop smart and change your money before you go.

Barrhead Travel Foreign Exchange offers excellent rates, shops that are open late, 7 days a week and the choice of ordering online – making it so easy for you to get more money in your holiday kitty! Get your holiday money here.

Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.

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