Best Exchange Rates since 2008

Best Exchange Rates Since 2008!

Best Exchange Rates

Now’s a fantastic time to bag that last minute holiday. Thanks to the best exchange rates, British holidaymakers are enjoying more spending power abroad.

Whether you want to swish off to sunny Sorrento, call in to Croatia or flaunt it in Florida, the soaring pound means your money will stretch further – so you’ve got more chances to spoil yourself or your family with shopping trips or eating out, or even with a few extra beers or cocktails!

Head off for the US and you’ll find that with the pound worth around $1.70, you can splash out on clothes, cosmetics, handbags…for a lot less than you’d expect.

Good times are here at last

The price of food and drink in many popular destinations is down considerably. Take a three course family meal in the Algarve, for example – previously €38.18 in 2013, it would cost you just €33.96 this year. Sun cream, coffee, ice cream, beach towels…across Europe and beyond, the prices this year have dropped, so why not take advantage?

With best exchange rates since the recession started in 2008, it looks like the good times are here at last – for the British holidaymaker, anyway. The favourable dollar and euro rates are expected to be around till the end of 2014, so don’t put off that holiday till next year, when you can get so much more for your money by travelling now. That way you can spend, spend, spend in the destination of your dreams!

Enjoy the benefits of spending your money

Already booked your next trip? Your first port of call should be Barrhead Travel’s Foreign Exchange Bureau, as they provide a range of currencies. You can choose to order online or pick up in store. Visit our online currency store here:

If getting more per pound in 2014 appeals and you’re desperate to get away to splash the cash, our trained travel specialists are also on hand to help you create the perfect holiday, wherever you want to go. Jet off and enjoy the benefits of more spending money for yourself and your family! Call 0800 804 8666, visit us in one of our many stores or browse our website to choose the holiday that best suits you. After all, there are bargains to be bagged across the globe, but they won’t last forever…

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