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Choosing a holiday camera

Everywhere we look technology is changing the way we work, the way we live, and the way we Travel. Each month we will post reviews and updates on new Gadgets (and some older ones) and apps to help you make the most of your holiday. Arguably one of the most important gadgets you take away is your holiday camera.

The camera – How else would you be able to show off the white sandy beach to everyone stuck in the office? We’ve pulled together some tips on what to look for in a digital camera:

Holiday Camera Essentials

Optical Zoom

Digital cameras have two types of zoom, Optical and digital.
Optical zoom results in a much better image as it uses the cameras lens to zoom in on the subject, instead of enlarging the pixels. A camera with a 15x optical zoom should be fine for most holidays, however if your going on a Safari, or adventure holiday – you might need more!

Size and weight

Remember whatever camera you take, you need to carry!

Most compact cameras are small and lightweight, however if portability is a concern, then maybe think about an ultra-compact camera. These tend to be about 2cm thick, but do have fewer manual controls and features, but should still capture most holiday snaps


Reduce the number of gadgets you need to carry by taking a camera that also records video. Many compact cameras can now record HD video, and are ideal for recording short clips to send to friends and family

Other requirements

Think about your holiday before buying a camera. Is it an adventure holiday – in which case something rugged and waterproof might be worth the investment, if spending time at the beach, or doing watersports, then a waterproof camera would be worth getting.


Buying memory cards abroad can be expensive, so make sure you have at least 1gb of space for pictures before going away!

Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.

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