Village of Saint Aubin, Jersey, Channel Islands

10 things to see and do in Jersey

Jersey’s size is only nine by five miles, making it an easy place to explore on a weekend break. Its beautiful coastline and direct access to the Atlantic Ocean creates a playful mix of water sports, fresh seafood, and incredible scenery. Then in-land you’ll find fascinating historic sites, delicious restaurants, and wellbeing retreats. Here are 10 activities and attractions we recommend on a weekend break to Jersey.

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is a popular pastime in Jersey, with several kayaking companies offering lessons and tours. No matter what kind of kayak adventure you’re after you’ll find in Jersey. Whether it’s quick beginner’s lesson, an island tour by kayak, or a sunset paddle.

2. Watersports

Aside from kayaking, you can also sign up for coasteering, surfing, and blow carting!

3. Treat yourself to a spa weekend

Surrounded by the sea, Jersey is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing spa weekend. There’s a generous range of spa and wellbeing retreats to choose from, where you can rediscover your inner tranquillity and leave feeling refreshed and revitalised.

4. Yoga outside

Not content with just offering a revitalising selection of spas, Jersey is also a great place to unwind with an outdoor yoga class. Choose between garden yoga, beach yoga, and even surf yoga!

5. Taste one of Jersey’s big 4 foods

Jersey has a rich food scene, thanks to the surrounding clear waters and rich fertile lands that are largely untouched by modern life. Straight from the ocean you’ll be treated to freshly caught oysters and lobster. While on land you’ll enjoy Jersey Royal Potatoes which have a unique flavour thanks to the rich marine minerals that are splashed up on land thanks to the large tides. Finally, you also need to sample the creamy milk, cheese and ice-cream that comes from the famous Jersey cows!

6. Enjoy a glass of cider

Cider was once upon a time Jersey’s biggest export. While apple-growing might not be the island’s main agricultural activity anymore, you’ll still find a selection of independent cider makers. With the coast of Normandy just a few miles away, it’s not surprising that Jersey cider has always shared much of the flavour and fizz of its French cousin, cidre bouché. Try La Robeline cider, a local brew whose soft sparkling flavour is similar to French cider, but with a unique Jersey pop.  

7. Visit Jersey Zoo

Jersey Zoo began as the first ever conservation-themed zoo. 60 years later, Gerald Durrell’s animal haven is the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures.

Whether you’re after fun, tranquillity, knowledge or a place to soak up the sunshine, this stunning 32-acre park with valleys, woodland and some of the world’s rarest animals is the perfect chance to experience ‘the jewel in Jersey’s crown’.

8. Learn about wartime Jersey

Jersey was under German occupation for most of World War II and left behind a selection of fascinating sites. One of the best places to get a true picture of what life was really like in Jersey during WWII is the Jersey War Tunnels. In addition to the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy the war trail, the garden of reflection, visitor centre, café and gift shop. Jersey War Tunnels also has a unique Escape Room experience where you have to escape the German Commandant’s Office.

9. Play a round of golf

With a beautiful natural landscape, you already know that the island of Jersey offers incredible golfing opportunities.  There are five main courses to choose from, ranging from 9-hole courses to 18-hole courses.

10. Visit the tenth oldest building in the world

Jersey Heritage is honoured to share with you the tenth oldest building in the world! One of Jersey’s finest passage graves, set in beautiful surrounding where you can learn about life in Jersey’s Neolithic community 6,000 years ago. Ancient treasures can be found in the on-site museum, including coin hoards axes, sword and spears.

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