5 veggie-friendly cities to visit for National Vegetarian Week

5 veggie friendly cities to visit for National Vegetarian Week

5 veggie friendly cities to visit for National Vegetarian Week

Today marks the start of National Vegetarian Week in the UK. We know that one of the struggles of being vegetarian is not knowing how well catered for you’ll be while travelling. To help, we’ve rounded-up some of our favourite cities for vegetarian cuisine that are only a quick stop away.


You can’t make a list of vegetarian-friendly cities without mentioning Berlin. While German cuisine on the whole doesn’t have many vegetarian credentials, the capital is regularly cited as a major hub for meat-free diets. The vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, chose Berlin to open their first ever store in 2011 and some of the top resturants in the city are vegetarian and vegan friendly.


The haute couture capital of the world, vegans with a passion for fashion are catered to in this stylish city. Boutiques catering to eco-fashion can be found dotted along the streets of Milan, while vegetarians won’t find difficulty finding something tasty to eat. Northern Italy is the region vegetarians will feel most at home: vegetables play a large part in the cuisine and most dishes are cooked in olive oil instead of butter keeping dairy-free diets happy as well.


Not only is Prague vegetarian friendly, it’s also a cheap city allowing foodies to dine out every night. Exclusively vegetarian restaurants are available including Maitrea that offers vegetarian variations of traditional Czech foods and Dhaba Beas, a North Indian inspired vegetarian buffet restaurant.


Swedish cuisine is another culinary style that could naturally be overlooked by vegetarians. Truthfully, Sweden is fond of using seafood in a lot of its dishes. However, Stockholm is also home to one of Europe’s most well-known vegetarian restaurants called Hermans: a buffet-style restaurant with garden seating overlooking Stockholm’s ambient skyline.

Somewhere in the UK

Vegetarians looking to take a UK city break won’t be in short supply of options. The UK has one of the highest percentages of vegetarians in Europe with some cities being renowned veggie hubs. London (especially Soho), Brighton, Glasgow and Manchester all have a thriving vegetarian and vegan scene.

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