5 Essential Holiday Treatments

5 essential beauty treatments before your holiday

Essential Holiday Treatments

As the sunshine stays out to play for longer, our minds naturally go to that happy place. Walks along the promenade, dinner outdoors, exploring sandy beaches and getting away for some hard-earned relaxation. But whilst our minds get fixated on that golden future, it’s easy for us to forget your holiday treatments preparation needed beforehand.To help, we’ve got the perfect checklist for you – one that you’ll enjoy and benefit from! If you haven’t taken a trip to PURE Spa & Beauty (located in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen), this might be the great excuse you need for some pre-vacation indulgence.

PURE Spa & Beauty

PURE Spas are havens of tranquillity, where you can truly switch off and enjoy a superb therapy in luxurious surroundings. With today’s hectic lifestyle, we feel it is essential to take some time out for reflection and relaxation, and the benefit of the whole experience on your general health and wellbeing lasts much longer than the therapy itself.

Located in

  • Lothian Road and Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
  • Silverburn,Glasgow
  • Union Square, Aberdeen

1. Body Exfoliation

Ah yes, the often-overlooked body exfoliation, probably one of the most essential of holiday treatements. Removing the dead skin cells that clog up your skin, an exfoliation leaves the skin smooth, healthy and fresh. PURE spa use Elemis Lime & Ginger Salt Glow, which is renowned for stimulating your metabolism and purifying traits. A must-have to feel comfortable in your own skin!

2. Body Waxing

Wax on, wax off – whether you’re a man or woman, a holiday means putting almost everything on show. For any fuzz you’d rather wasn’t there, we suggest booking in for a waxing appointment.

3. Full-body tan

Sprayed all over for full and natural coverage, PURE Spa & Beauty uses Sunbelievable by Leighton Denny. It is a fantastic way to kick-start a tan and avoid looking like Casper at the beach, without over-cooking in any harmful UV rays.

4. Eye Enhancement

Your eyes are one of the best accessories you own, so make them stand out! We recommend an eyebrow tint and shape, helping to define your eyebrows. This is particularly good at framing the face and defining the features. We also suggest eyelash tint, which darkens your lashes making them look longer and fuller… if only we could make your holiday longer, too!

5. Shellac Mani-Pedi

We’ll waste no more time introducing this chip-resistant polish. Having a manicure or pedicure (or both!) before holidays is a must-have of the many holiday treatments for many women. It’s open-toe season, after all. With Shellac, you can board that airplane with confidence knowing that the colour will still be there on your return. If you don’t party too hard! The only issue is choosing a colour that goes with everything.

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