Travel and Plan Bee

Here at Barrhead Travel, we like to give something back to the environment and make a positive impact on the world we live in. Our new best friends, we’re pleased to say, are the wonderful Plan Bee, who know all there is to know about honeybees.

We’re guessing that you may have heard that bee numbers are declining – ever so slightly worrying, as they pollinate a third of the UK’s food for a start, and they’re a vital barometer of the environment. Plan Bee and Barrhead Travel hope to help change that – and here’s where you can help too :

Adopt a bee

Simply click on the link below (which you’ll also find on the Barrhead Travel website). Adopting a bee costs as little as £1, and you get to name it and also receive a lovely certificate of adoption!

Worker bee – £1
Drone – £1.50
Queen bee – £5

You’ll be helping to support the honeybee population, as each adoption fee goes towards a real beehive. It’s perfect for sharing on Facebook and Twitter – so spread the word.

Dedicate a Hive

What nicer way to celebrate those important life events than dedicating a hive of lovely honeybees? Whether it’s a “Welcome to the World” gift for a newborn baby, a wedding present or christening gift, or indeed to commemorate someone very special, it’s a unique and very special way to mark an event.

Hire a Hive

For the ultimate environmental impact, Plan Bee can set up and manage a hive in your garden or allotment. There’s no greener way to go than this! It makes an immediate environmental impact – plus, you’ll receive 24 jars of honey each year from every hive you adopt. Sounds sweet? Simply email to find out more.

Crowd Fund a Hive

You don’t have to do it all on your own – dust off that address book, get busy on social media, and talk to friends and neighbours about getting together to raise funds for your own beehive. Get the project up and running, and your hive could be making honey pretty soon.

There’s no better buzz than helping the planet – and it doesn’t get any easier than helping bees. It’s not expensive, either, so why not start things off by adopting a honeybee for your very own Worker, Drone or Queen? Make a bee-line for the link above and start making a difference to the planet today.