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7 reasons Hard Rock Hotels is peak rock star luxury

We all want to feel like royalty while we’re on holiday – but there’s royalty, and then there’s rock royalty. The latter is exactly the feeling guests experience while staying at Hard Rock Hotels. With a plethora of glitzy amenities – and a special package aptly named Rock Royalty – Hard Rock has spared no expense in creating the ultimate VIP rock star experience. From rentable Fender guitars to world-class golf courses, this is the place where the general population holiday like the rock star elite.

Rent a Fender guitar for your room

The days of air-guitaring to your favourite track are now behind you. Rock out in your suite with a classic Fender guitar that you can rent for your holiday.

Carefully curated playlists

Ensure the background music in your suite is exactly to your tastes by choosing from a range of carefully curated playlists. The staff at Hard Rock breathe music and know how to create a creative playlist for every mood, whether it’s something romantic or something to get ready to.

Rock Royalty Personal Assistant

You’re not true rock royalty until you have your own personal assistant. Guests who book a Rock Royalty Room will have their own personal assistant from 7am until 11pm. Other features of the offer include VIP check-in, priority reservation and complimentary tickets.

VIP access to events

Many of the Hard Rock Hotels have become recognised as nightlife hotspots within their own right. People who aren’t even guests flock towards the hotels to enjoy the buzz. But it’s only hotel guests who receive VIP access to their nightclubs and lounges.

A music-centric spa

Music runs through the veins of Hard Rock Hotels – all the way into the spa. Unwind with music inspired spa treatments, including a message table that gently pulsates in time to the bass.

World class 18-hole golf course

After rocking out at night, wake yourself up the next morning with a game of golf. The Punta Cana Resort boasts an exclusive 18-hole golf course. It was designed by legendary golf champion Jack Nicklaus and offers a rock n roll twist on the traditional game with guitar flagsticks.

All-inclusive facilities

The best part of the Hard Rock experience is that you never have to open your wallet during your holiday. All-inclusive really means all-inclusive with Limitless Resort Credit that can be used for spa treatments, golfing, wine tasting, or entrance to the famous nightclub (and more). Rock stars don’t pay for anything, and neither do you.


Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.