5 things to consider when arranging travel insurance

Travel is one of the most exciting things we can do with our time and money. But in between the excitement of planning your itinerary and buying holiday clothes, please remember one of the most important, if boring, travel must-haves: travel insurance.

It’s also important to make sure you have the correct travel insurance for your needs. According to ABTA, as many as 2 in 5 Brits went abroad in 2017/18 with the wrong kind of travel cover. This includes travelling completely uninsured, and failing to tell your provider about a pre-existing medical condition.

Below we’ve rounded up five questions to ask yourself when organising your travel insurance to make sure you buy the correct cover for your needs.

Will you be travelling outside of Europe?

While the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will cover you in a local NHS-style hospital, it won’t cover any private medical bills. It also doesn’t include transfer to the UK if you are seriously ill. EHICs expire every five years.

Many travel insurance providers separate European destinations and worldwide destinations into different packages. Double check with your provider which category your destinations falls into, especially for countries such as Tunisia, and Turkey.

Will you be engaging in adventurous activities?

For example, if you’re planning on a ski holiday there’s a chance you’ll have to choose a specialist package or an additional add-on to make sure you’re covered in the case of an accident. Also check if the general sports policy covers the sports you’ll be partaking in. 

Are you pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition?

In both cases you might need additional insurance to cover your specific requirements. If you were to fall ill due to either circumstance and don’t have the correct cover, your insurance might not be valid.  

Do you need protection for your possessions as well?

Some travel insurance covers theft, loss or damage to your baggage and personal possessions. This also includes bags going missing at the airport. If you are travelling with valuable goods, make sure these are covered in the package.

How extensive is your travel itinerary?

Travel insurance can also cover missed flights, cancellations, and delays. While we recommend taking out travel insurance in all circumstances, we especially recommend it when your holiday involves multiple stopovers and transfers.

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Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.