How will the new Brexit extension impact travel plans?

Last week, the confirmation that a no-deal Brexit would not result in British holidaymakers applying for visas resulted in a collective sigh of relief.

Now it has been announced that Brexit will be delayed until the 31st of October, allowing the British Government and the European Union time to reach an agreement that works well for the EU, the UK, and British holidaymakers.  

How will this impact British holidaymakers?

Until the 31st of October, the UK will continue to be a full member of the European Union. So any holidays that are planned between now and then will not be impacted, and you will still travel with all the rights of an EU citizen.

It has previously been announced that visas will not be required in the result of a no-Deal Brexit. But any other changes to travel have not yet been announced, but should become clearer in the coming months.  

Advice from ABTA

ABTA has welcomed the extension and has updated their Brexit guide with the following:

“The Brexit extension to 31 October 2019 has provided absolute certainty that all current arrangements for travel will remain as they are today. For example:

  • You will still have access to state medical care in any EU country as long as you have an up to date European Health Insurance Card. ABTA always advises that travellers should also take out travel insurance and make sure it covers any medical conditions or activities they plan to do.
  • Your pet passport will still be valid.
  • If you plan to drive in the EU, you won’t need an International Driving Permit, and if you are taking your own car, you won’t need a Green Card for insurance.
  • You will be able to move through UK ports and airports as usual, using the EU/EEA passport gates.
  • All consumer rights and benefits from EU laws will also remain including airline compensation for cancellation or delays, and the ability to use your mobile phone abroad without additional charges.”

For more information on how Brexit will impact your travel plans, you can visit ABTA’s dedicated Brexit FAQ here.

How will this impact the travel industry?

British travellers haven’t been deterred from travelling though. At Barrhead Travel, British families are still booking their Easter and summer holidays as normal. Majorca, Alicante, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are still the most popular family breaks

Our official statement from senior management: 

“With last week’s confirmation from the EU that visas for short stays would not be required and the latest extension on Brexit there is definitely a lot more optimism – and we’re seeing momentum starting to build as the public turn their attention to finalising their holiday plans. Travellers will be able to head to Europe this summer with the certainty that nothing is changing in the short-term.

“It’s not surprising to see that Europe still dominates our top ten destinations for the coming months. From the diversity that the Canary Islands offer to where east meets west in Turkey, it’s little wonder that Europe is the top choice for our customers.”

“Holidaymakers across Britain clearly still love Europe and this year we have some really competitive pricing for our customers.”

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Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.