Tam Henderson from our Livingston Branch on a Royal Caribbean surf simulator

#MyBarrheadCareer: Tam Henderson, Team Leader Livingston Branch

Hi Tam, tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Barrhead Travel?

Afternoon folks my name is Tam, Team Leader at the Livingston store. Outside of work, I love spending time with the family and watching the famous Glasgow Rangers. Also a big fan of Marvel and the DC universe. Netflix documentaries too!

What does an average day look like for you?

Fast, each and every day flies in. Every day is different however when someone walks in through the door wanting that dream holiday, it makes it all worthwhile.

When did you join the company?

I joined Barrhead Travel in May of 2015. 

What kind of person would you say is suited to a career in a travel agency?

Barrhead Travel gives you the tools you need to go to work – it’s up to you how big you want to build your house.

If you are travel orientated with a passion for customer service then this is the gig for you.

Having the ability to listen and have an enthusiastic nature will get you a long way.

Sales is a massive part of our game. The key thing is that you are able to take care of the sale.

Careers opportunities

And what advice would you give them?

To have a transparent mindset, there’s a lot to learn and even after 4 years I am still learning which is great there are not many jobs in the world that can say that.

And finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at Barrhead Travel?

Barrhead Travel has been extremely rewarding for me, with trips all over the world from cruising Japan to a river cruise in the Amazon this September!

Thing is I have been in the travel industry half my life, and I still love everything about travel. I love the community we have here. I often get phone calls from colleagues from other branches ‘oh are you going to such and such training event’. This allows us to meet and catch up with the faces behind the e-mails as well as expand our own network with suppliers in the industry.

Thank you Tam

Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.