#NoWrongPath: Angela Gemmell – Regional Sales Manager

What age did you leave school?

I left school at 17.

What were your thoughts on your career at that time?

I initially wanted to become a PE teacher however I needed more qualifications to meet the course entry requirements and so I went to college to sit more Highers. After college, my mind had changed, so I went on to begin a university course in Psychology.

What brought you to Barrhead Travel?

A manager from a previous job role recommended joining the team at Barrhead Travel. I first joined as a part-time Travel Consultant whilst studying, upping hours to full time during the summer months. I began to excel in my role and my manager recommended me for a Team Leader role. I decided to leave my university course to commit to a career in the travel industry.

How have you progressed since then?  

Once I fully committed myself to my new career path my progression excelled. I was approached to take on an Assistant Manager role and was provided with NVQ Management training, which helped build my confidence. I then went on to manage one of the Barrhead Travel flagship stores before being promoted to Regional Sales Manager, my current role.

Barrhead Travel pushed me to reach my potential at each point in my career, even at times where I was hesitant with self-doubt. They could see something in me that I couldn’t see myself and that was a huge compliment.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Given the opportunity to run my first store as Manager and it is one of the flagship stores in the business. We won shop of the year that year which made me immensely proud of myself and my team. The success was also a testament to the support and encouragement I had from higher management.

What advice would you give someone based on your experience?

I thought the only way I would be successful in life was if I went to University and got a degree. However, I left university and I have ended up with a successful career in a job I absolutely love and got there with hard work, commitment and dedication. Good grades and going to university aren’t the be-all and end-all to finding, and excelling in your chosen career path.