Trip Overview:

Day 1 – Arriving
Upon arrival, we warmed up and got our thermal suits and boots on. We had some dinner and walked round the resort to see the location of the other hotels and supermarket etc. We also went tobogganing that evening.

Day 2 – Aurora Activity Centre
On the second day, we went to see the aurora activity centre, where we got to meet their huskies and reindeers. After that, we went to see the star artic hotel and all their room types. We then went on snow mobiles which was one of my favourite parts of the trips! That evening we socialised with the group.

Day 3 – Santa Day
Day 3 was our Santa day! We got up and got our bus to the activity resort. Here you do the main 5. Husky sledging, Reindeer ride and search for Santa. There were also the 2 shows including the magical igloo and sleigh barn. That day was an unreal experience that I will be forever grateful for. That evening we went for a beautiful walk round the forest to the aura hut. We roasted marshmallows and we were lucky enough to see the northern lights!

Day 4 – Flying home
We flew home on the fourth day. The airport was extremely busy so we waited outside on the coach for 40 minutes and then the check in took 2 hours which delayed the flight by an hour. The rep on the bus did well to keep the kids entertained with jokes and quizzes. Families were however getting frustrated by the end.

Accommodation Overview:
The hotel we stayed in was very traditional but cosy. The food was good and there was a lot of variety. The rooms were small but again, cosy and with enough storage space. The sauna in the room was a nice touch! The even have an aura viewing room. The star arctic was more premium and the rooms were a lot more spacious, making it better for the families. The reception area and décor were modern, whilst the views over the resort were insane!

Things to See:

Europe’s longest toboggan slope, Northern Lights and Santa.

Top Tips: Book an optional excursion for the free days, take time to go indoors to heat up What to Pack: Layers and layers and layers, thermals, hat, gloves and scarves Suitable for which Customer: Families with young children