Across the globe, the cruise industry is working to improve sustainability, to implement and develop new technology for cleaner, greener ships and to preserve the oceans the industry loves and depends on. At Barrhead Travel, we are proud to work with many of the amazing cruise lines leading the way. Here’s how the cruise industry is paving the way for positive change at sea…


Smart water use is essential for sustainable cruising. Cruise ships can adopt various strategies such as advanced water purification systems, water recycling, and promoting responsible guest practices. By conserving water onboard, reducing wastage, and respecting marine ecosystems, the cruise industry can contribute to a more sustainable future.


Many cruise lines are now moving towards using LNG (Liquid natural gas) – this is currently one of the cleanest burning non-electric fuels available and is playing a big role in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

Single-use Plastics

Don’t forget to pack your refillable water bottles! Cruise lines are moving away from single use plastics to help our planet – say goodbye to plastic straws, bottles, coffee cups, to-go containers and more! Fantastic onboard recycling programmes and waste management systems further decrease waste.

Food Waste

Innovative measures to reduce food waste on cruise ships include portion control, encouraging passengers to only take what they’ll consume and donating surplus food to local communities at port stops. We are seeing more cruise lines move towards made-to-order menus saving a huge amount of food waste per year!

Shore Power

One of the simplest ways cruise lines can cut down on emissions is by utilising shore power while docked reducing reliance on onboard generators. This significantly cuts down on emissions, noise pollution, and fuel consumption, contributing to cleaner air and healthier marine environments.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible shore excursions are a crucial component of sustainable cruising. Emphasising conservation and cultural sensitivity, they prioritise eco-friendly activities that preserve marine life and natural habitats. Engaging with local communities in a respectful manner, these excursions promote awareness and help safeguard delicate ecosystems.