Why the Regal Princess should be on every cruise lovers bucket list

Why the Regal Princess should be on every cruise lovers bucket-list

You might have already caught a few episodes of the ITV fly-on-the-wall documentary The Cruise. The six part series follows the life of the 1,400 staff members working onboard the Regal Princess as she cruises through Scandinavia and Russia. While this is a ship worthy of a television slot, the show itself concentrates more on the day-to-day activities of the staff rather than the vessel, which is a shame, since the Regal Princess is a modern-day example of cruising luxury.

The show is a must-watch for cruise-fans, even if it doesn’t give cruisers an all-round perspective of what the Regal Princess is like to voyage on. For cruise fans who do want to know more about this TV-ready ship, we’ve rounded-up eight reasons why the Regal Princess should be on their cruising bucket-list.

1. She’s one of the biggest ships in the world

While a new ship is launched every year claiming to be the new largest ship in the world, the Regal Princess really can claim this. At 330m long with 19 decks, the Regal Princess (and her sister ship the Royal Princess) is one of the biggest cruise ships at sea right now.

2. Sip cocktails on a glass floor walkway

The stand-out feature to this ship is the glass-bottomed walkway that juts out to the side of the ship. There’s a walkway at either side: one a viewing platform that lights up at night, the other a cocktail bar. The Seaview Bar has bar-tending talents from across the world where, if you turn up at the right time, your cocktail will be made with some extra flair

3. Snuggle up to a movie on the top deck

Movies Under the Stars® is a cinematic experience exclusive to Princess Cruises. At night the top deck of the Regal Princess gets turned into a poolside cinema, with a big screen showing films and sporting events, while passengers snuggle up on the sun loungers with blankets and free popcorn.

4. Learn how to pair your wine

It’s known that certain kinds of wine should be paired with certain foods, though in practice most of us likely drink whatever is handy. Onboard the Regal Princess you can book yourself onto an intimate dinner with a menu where each dish comes carefully paired with a selected wine designed to complement the flavours of the main dish.

5. It’s a bigger and better Royal Princess

The Regal Princess is a fairly new ship to the Princess Cruises line-up and is an updated version of the Royal Princess. Cruisers who have sailed on her sister ship will already be well-versed in their almost twin-like features but will love the additions of the promenade and aft pool that were made after customer suggestions.

6. Sit in a TV show audience

Princess Cruises has their own TV show, exclusive to both the Regal and Royal ships. Available in all state room TVs, some of the entertainment is filmed live on the Regal Princess. Passengers can sit in the live audience and experience what a live TV set is like.

7. All outside cabins have balconies

Like most ships, Regal Princess has a wide variety of suites for guests to choose from. Something that a lot of ships don’t have is a balcony with all outside cabins. Regardless of what other amenities your outside cabin features, on the Regal Princess a balcony will always be one of them.

8. It hits the mark between entertaining and classy

Cruise ships are designed to be mini-resorts that sail from port-to-port, and cruise lines are always creating eye-catching new features to help them stand out. While some cruise lines can be accused of being gimmicky, no such thing can be said about the Regal Princess. There’s still plenty on board to keep passengers occupied but everything still glimmers with traditional Italian sophistication.

The Cruise is a six-part documentary on ITV1, Thursday at 8:30pm. Use the hashtag #TheCruise to join the conversation.