4 ways to rejuvenate yourself in Aruba

The stunning island of Aruba offers a beautiful selection of health and wellness activities. Only in Aruba can you wrap your body in soothing Aruban aloe at a world-class spa, indulge in a twilight yoga session or enjoy alone time amongst the cacti and wildlife. Whether you want a holiday that is focused around wellness or just fancy a break in between watersports and hiking. Here is just a selection of our favourite health and wellness activities in Aruba.

Spend a day at a spa

Aruba offers a very generous selection of spa retreats. You’ll find most of Aruba’s spas along the north-west coast of the island. Some of its most well-known spas include Eforea Spa, Indulgence by the Sea Spa, Intermezzo Day Spa, and Mandara Spa Aruba. Several of the island’s spas offer outdoor massages on cabanas or on the sun-drenched beaches.

Grab your yoga mat

You’ll find several yoga centres in Aruba and many resort hotels offer beach yoga! A wide variety of yoga is practised on the island including Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, and even yoga on top of a paddleboard in the Caribbean Sea!

Sign up for volunteering

Studies have shown that people who volunteer are happier than those who don’t! And in Aruba, you can sign up for a range of volunteer packages that help preserve Aruba’s beaches, living reefs and island wildlife.  

Take some Aruba Aloe Vera home with you

Before you leave, make sure you stop by one of the several Aruba Aloe Shops. The Aloe is cultivated locally and freshly processed at a factory located on 150 acres of Aruban Aloe fields where the striking Aruban sun intensifies the plant’s natural healing qualities to produce the World’s Finest Aloe™.

The main shop with an adjacent factory, museum and working Aloe plantation is open daily for tours, shopping and visits. You’ll find it in north-west Aruba.

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