A foodie’s guide to Barbados

Barbadian cuisine is renowned for its diversity, variety and freshness. Home to a sunny climate, fertile land, and fresh ocean waters, Barbados has created an exciting blend of flavours that are a big part of its culture. If you love food and drink then Barbados needs to be on your list.

Must-try foods

The local foods of Barbados represent the rich culture and history of the island. In order to make the most of your foodie experience, we recommend that you sample the following three dishes.  


This spicy stew is a Bajan delicacy that traces its roots to the indigenous people of the Caribbean island. It can be found in most traditional restaurants such as the famous Brown Sugar.

Cou-Cou with Flying Fish

This is the national dish of Barbados, so it has to be on your to-eat list.  


Surrounded by fresh, ocean waves Barbados is not short of delicious locally-caught seafood. Flying Fish, Swordfish, Tuna, Lobster and Shrimp are some of the most popular.  

Street Food and Food Trucks

When exploring the towns you won’t be short of delicious street food vendors to grab a bite to eat from. Examples of this include the national dish – flying fish with coucou – as well as irresistible treats like fish cakes, breadfruit chips, BBQ pig tails and the famous Bread and Two.

Fine Dining

While Barbados boasts incredible food trucks for a quick bite to eat, the island is also not short of world-class fine dining. Options include the Cliffside Restaurant which is located on the upmarket west coast, Daphne’s Restaurant, which serves up classic Italian cuisine, The Tides, which specialises in stunningly crafted seafood dishes and Cin Cin By The Sea, which combines fine dining with amazing sea views!


Barbados is the home of rum. Mount Gay distillery – founded in 1703 – is believed to produce the oldest rum found anywhere in the world. You can book tours of Mount Gay Distillery and have a look around its Visitors Centre.

Which food will you be sampling first?

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