Popular American and Caribbean cruise ports that you can fly to with American Airlines and British Airways

The Caribbean and North America are two of the world’s most popular cruise destinations. Amongst the itineraries, you’ll discover beautiful tropical islands along with iconic cities.

Thankfully it is easy to fly to these cruise ports in the USA and Caribbean because of the flight routes available from American Airlines and British Airways. On-board both of these airlines you’ll be treated to impeccable in-flight service, and be able to choose between several different class types. And it’s the perfect opportunity to book a pre- or post-cruise stay to explore a destination in more depth!

Here are just four popular cruise ports that you can fly to with American Airlines and British Airways. 


Port Miami is one of the largest passenger cruise ports in the world and is the starting point for many cruise itineraries – especially itineraries heading south into the Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean also has its own dedicated terminal here (Terminal A) which was built to accommodate their modern Oasis-class ships. The port itself is as modern and stylish as their ships, and there is facial recognition software to make the embarkation process easier.  


Barbados is a very popular stop for Caribbean cruise itineraries. Not only is it a beautiful island, but it is also home to a large cruise port and airport. Making it an attractive place to start your cruise (include a lovely pre- and post-cruise stay).

Port Bridgetown is located along Carlisle Bay and has 4 deep-water quays with the capacity to accommodate up to 6 vessels at a time.

Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles is also known as America’s Port and The Port’s World Cruise Center is the largest cruise terminal on America’s west coast. The cruise terminal is even linked, by a promenade, to waterfront attractions such as USS Iowa Museum and Los Angeles Maritime Museum.

Los Angeles also offers a generous selection of cruise itineraries, with some heading north along the American coastline – until they reach Canada and Alaska. Some even continue onwards to Russia and Japan! Other ships travel west into the Pacific Ocean to explore exotic islands that very few people can say they’ve visited. Then finally, some ships head south into Central and South America.

New York City

You’re spoilt for choice when you embark on a cruise itinerary from New York City. Northbound you can find yourself in New England or Atlantic Canada – with some cruises turning into the Saint Lawrence River and exploring Quebec. Then southbound you can find yourself in some of the USA’s more southerly cruise ports before cruising onto the Caribbean!

The Manhattan Cruise Terminal is right in the heart of the NYC action. Hell’s Kitchen is just on its doorstep and Central Park is less than a 10-minute walk away. While you’re sailing into and out of the harbour you can witness The Big Apple’s iconic skyline.

Morag Lee

Morag is the resident blog writer at Barrhead Travel. Can usually be found exploring a cruise ship or on a city break.