Destination Louisiana

Louisiana in the Movies

Destination Louisiana Destination Louisiana is loved by Barrhead Travel as well as by film directors! With its atmospheric big cities, coastal wetlands, swamps and marshes, multi-million dollar sound stages and post production houses, this destination has a lot to recommend it as a perfect film location. In 2013, Louisiana was the top locale for major Hollywood movies, […]

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Barrhead Travel Back Office Heroes

Barrhead Travel Back Office Heroes Barrhead Travel Hero Number 1 – Norrie Webster, Courier Helping a huge company like Barrhead Travel operate efficiently and effectively takes a lot of team work, so we’d like to sing the praises of some of the unseen heroes in our organization. First in line, and deservedly so, is Norrie […]

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Hints and tips for stress free packing with Barrhead Travel

Stress Free Packing – 6 Handy Hints

Stress Free Packing We all know that to experience stress free packing we should pack light, right? We’ve all seen those “top tips”, whereby your capsule wardrobe consists of one black bikini, one white bikini, a sarong, a sundress and a pair of day-to-night wedges. All rolled up to avoid creases in your tiny carry-on […]

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The World’s Most Incredible Water Slides

The World’s Most Incredible Water Slides Waterslides are the epitome of every family holiday. ‘Mum come with me on that one’ ‘Dad don’t be a chicken! It’s not THAT high…’ Gulp. Let me take you through  5 of the highest, spectacular and darn right unbelievable water slides that we believe are the world’s most incredible […]

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