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The Many Benefits to Travelling

Benefits of Travelling The things you will see and do when you decide to take the leap and go travelling are endless. It will open your eyes to the endless possibilities that are out there, which you may only get to experience once. Many people who have travelled always refer back to the same phrase […]

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What is the perfect size for hand luggage? - Barrhead Travel Blog

Top 10 tips of in-flight etiquette

In Flight Etiquette Dress appropriately – during a flight it is important to be as comfortable as possible but not at the expense of looking good. There is appropriate flight attire and there is unappropriate flight attire and it is important to get your in flight etiquette balance between these right.     Good hygiene – flying […]

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Australia specialist At Barrhead Travel on Noosa Kueste

Meet Kevin, one of our Australia specialists

Meet Kevin, one of our Australia specialists Since Kevin’s gap year 20 years ago to Australia, he has been working in the travel industry booking dream holidays for his customers and at Barrhead Travel, we wanted to find out what exactly Kevin loves about Australia and his recommendations for future customers. Meet Kevin Preston from our […]

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Charmed by Sharm el Sheikh - Barrhead Travel Blog

Charmed by Sharm

Charmed by Sharm el Sheikh – Barrhead Travel Blog Looking for sun, sand and superb value for money? Then Sharm el Sheikh could be the place for you. It’s a holiday hotspot which has a lot to offer, no matter what age you are. If you love soaking up the rays and lounging by the […]

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