The Ultimate Toronto Bucket List

If you’re planning a holiday to Canada and are seeking some cosmopolitan charm: Toronto is the city of choice. The largest city in all of Canada, it is a diverse metropolis with a thriving arts scene, multi-cultural dining and plenty of things for visitors to see and do. Writing a personal checklist for Toronto is […]

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Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Sydney

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Sydney Sydney is a city that has it all. Lively metropolitan streets, a thriving cultural scene (including the world’s most recognisable opera house), spectacular shopping, glimmering beaches, a plethora of sunshine and beautiful natural scenery framing the city’s edges. There are not many cities that can boast the same amount […]

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Chicago: The Windy City - Barrhead Travel Blog

The Windy City.

Chicago: The Windy City A city steeped in culture and modern architectural elegance, a trip to Chicago will offer everything you desire from a city break in the one trip – shopping, an amazing music and theatre scene, over 5500 restaurants, professional sports and unique attractions. You’ll leave with unforgettable memories and anticipation to plan […]

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